X11 and Java 7 Swing Apps (i.e. SAS Java Clients)


From the SAS 9.4 Third Party page at http://support.sas.com/resources/thirdpartysupport/v94/othersw.html, there is a note at the bottom that mentions strange behaviour when using X11 and Java Swing applications, such as the Java GUI apps from SAS:

A change in Java 7 caused Swing applications to behave incorrectly when using the default windows manager in emulators such as Xming and Cygwin. This behavior is documented in Oracle bug 7147075 as an issue in the java.swing component.  In our SAS 9.4 testing, SAS Technical Support has had success using the freeware X server MobaXterm Personal Edition configured as outlined below:

  •     From the MobaXterm application window, select Settings > Configuration.
  •     Select the X11 tab.
  •     Click on the "X11 server display mode" dropdown menu.
  •     Select "Windowed mode with Fvwm": X11 server and Fvwm desktop in a container window.
  •     Click the OK button when finished.


Note: This is only relevant when running SAS Java Swing applications directly on Unix/Linux from a Windows machine running an X11 emulator as mentioned above.

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