SAS Log Error Checking Tool


This tool allows users to easily examine and check any SAS log file for Error and Warning messages (and other messages) and to view SAS Usage Notes that are related to any of the messages that were found. The tool does this automatically; you just select a log file and click a button

How to get the SAS Log Error Checking Tool?

The SAS Log Error Checking Tool is available for download from the SAS Support Website.  


The tool runs on any Windows machine that has .NET Framework 4 installed.

Download and Install the tool

  1. You can download the tool from
  2. Save the file to a folder on your Windows computer.
  3. Right–click the file and extract the files to a folder on your Windows Machine.

This will create a folder called "SAS_Log_Checker" that contains 10 files including a file called "SAS_Log_Checker1.exe".

  1. Double–click the "SAS_Log_Checker1.exe" file to start the tool.
  2. Follow the instructions that are shown in the SAS Log Error Checking Tool window to use the tool.
  3. You can create a shortcut to the "SAS_Log_Checker1.exe" file on your desktop if you like

Installation/Configuration and Usage Screenshots:

Download the Zip file.

Extract files.

Double Click on SAS_Log_Checker1.exe

SAS Log Error Checking Tool is ready to use, you can read on below instructions.

Click on “Select Log” and browse for log which you need to check for Errors/Warnings:

After Selecting log file, Click on “Check Log File”

Error Checking Tool found below Errors/Warnings message in selected LOG File.

You can click on Search Link to find SAS Usage notes (if any) for any below error/warning messages. 

Lets Click on “Search” second message

Related SAS Usages Notes gets available for selected Error/Warning Message.

Note: To go to previous screen, you can click on “Back” Button

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