How To: Loading Data in SAS Visual Analytics - Overview


How To: Loading Data in SAS Visual Analytics - Overview


Data can be loaded into Visual analytics LASR servers either by importing from an external source or by using a SAS dataset.  The latter can be either from a pre-existing dataset or from one that is created from a query within Visual Analytics.  Loading data also requires SAS to have the applicable metadata available for each dataset.  

For external or pre-existing SAS datasets, some steps need to be taken the first time a dataset is loaded to ensure that this metadata is associated with the table.  This process is called ‘Registering a table’.  The other options generally do not require registering a table.

Other load options include Autoloading (where SAS scans an original dataset and when a change is detected, automatically reloads the data into the LASR server to capture the changes) and Reload-on-Start (where tables from certain libraries are reloaded automatically each time the server starts).

Autoloading is specifically useful for dynamic datasets that are subject to constant data updates, whereas Reload-on-Start is very useful for datasets that may have been imported into the LASR server manually by the user.


Data Type

Initial Load Method

Reload Method

SAS Dataset

Register and Load



Reload on Start

External File


Import again

Reload on Start

Data Query Output


Manually run query

Schedule query to re-run


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